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PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT SOME BEARS COME WITH SMALL PARTS (hearing aids, feeding tubes, etc!!!
•Not for children under 3 yrs of age.

All the bears in the Bearowitz family would LOVE to come and visit you at your home for a week. They are on a very special mission to visit all their friends in an effort to raise awareness! Please send your child’s name and mailing address so that they may be added to the Bearowitz’s travel itinerary.
Please be sure when filling out your address to enter your entire address, including city, state and zip. It is very important we have the entire address to put your child’s name on the Bearowitz family’s itinerary. Thank you :)
Please also be aware that while you may request a visit from a particular bear for a specific diagnosis, we cannot promise you will get the “girl bear” or the “boy bear” because one bear tends to remain in the USA and the other travels Internationally. Whichever bear is in your region is the bear that will come visit you.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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